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(V) indicates vegetarian

(GF) indicates gluten free

please ask about our vegan options


TACOS 1 per order/ Taco Salad/ Taco Dinner-2 same style tacos served with black beans and chimichurri rice

all tacos served on corn tortillas- plain or seaweed infused

please specify: soft or fried

choice of cheese: Seal Cove Feta (Lamoine, Maine) or Sonnental Farm Cheddar (Smyrna, Maine)

$4/10/12 Brisket - marinated & braised Archer Angus beef, cilantro-carrot cabbage slaw, fresh radish, pickled onion, greens & chimichurri (GF)

$4/10/12Chorizo- Mandala Farm ground chorizo, greens, pickled radish, mint, roasted garlic cashew crema (GF)

$6.00 Peekytoe Crab- claw meat tossed with spicy mayo served on a seaweed infused tortilla with sprouts, slaw and pickled radish

$4/10/12 Black Bean- Maine grown black beans - slow cooked and refried, greens, roasted sweet potato & pickled onion (V) (GF)

$4/10/12 Ground Beef- “The Kendall” - classic family taco - Nelson Family Farm beef, romaine lettuce, sour cream, salsa, black olives (GF)

$4/10/12 Farm Fresh seasonal veg - sometimes raw, sometimes seared- ask about whats happening this week (V) (GF) (can add feta if wanted, served on soft corn tortilla)

STEAMED BUNS (2 per order)

$9.00 Pork Belly Brown Family Farm pork belly with house made spicy mayo & kimchi

$8.00 Tempeh Marinated Lalibela Tempeh with house made spicy mayo & kimchi (V)

this is our last weekend (July 1-3rd) serving ramen until winter returns:

RAMEN (1 QUART BALL JAR INCLUDED) We Have Gluten Free Rice Noodles Upon Request

All noodle soups topped with carrots, spinach, cabbage, scallions, nori & marinated egg

$14.50 Pork Brown Family Farm slow cooked Pork Shoulder

$14.50 Chicken Tide Mill Farm Organic Brined & Roasted

$14.50 Mushroom North Spore Shitake & Oysters (V)

$3.00 add Lalibela Tempeh (V)


$7.00 Szechuan Chicken Salad - brined/roasted chicken tossed with broccoli, sweet red pepper, cilantro, sesame-chili oil served on salad mix (GF)

$6.00 Loccally grown Salad mix- tossed with nori, carrot, radish, cabbage, scallion & citrus miso dressing (V) (GF)

$6.00 Seasonal Veg Purple choi, red cabbage & carrot with red curry coconut milk dressing (V) (GF)

$3.00 Kimchi Deviled Eggs (V) (GF)

$3.00 Marinated Lalibela Tempeh (V)

$3.00 Seabean Seaweed Salad with radish and cucumber (V) (GF)

$5.00 Peanut Sesame Noodles (V)

$3.00 Nanami Togarashi Kimchi (V) (GF)

$3.00 Slow simmered maine grown Black Beans with jalapeño and garlic (V) (GF)

$3.00 Maine grown Brown Rice with chimichurri (V) (GF)


$3.00 Cashew Dream Cake in seasonal flavors (V) (GF)

$1.50 Sassafrass Chocolate Truffles

$1.50 Raw Cacao & Almond Brownies


$2.00  Sassafrass Tea & Lemonade Kombucha

Assorted sparkling beverages & coconut water


Some ingredients may vary according to seasonal availability & inspiration.